Somerset, Singapore, 19th January, 2023

XREATORS, a global NFT marketplace that connects social creators with fans, is officially set to launch on January 25th. 

XREATORS will exclusively reveal highly collectible and attractive NFTs from all over the world. Not to mention their plans to continuously introduce previously unreleased content including:

  • The NFX Golf Series … where holders will gain access to field lessons in South Korea with KLPGA professional golfers (plans for expansion to other regions are in place),
  • Visual Track (Sunny Inspires) – WDBZ NFT … the NFT Visual Track Art directed by Sunny Inspires, who has produced music videos for the popular dance team We Dem Boyz, the infamous BTS, New Jeans, and more,
  • Professional Global Artist Agency, PINZLE … high-quality, valuable works of art from PINZLE creators, expected to receive lots of attention from global art collectors.

In addition, they’ll be pursuing a strategy to actively support rising artists while also running projects to donate portions of NFT sales revenue to charities dedicated to causes like education, disabilities, children & youth, and more.

Gina Park, CEO of XREATORS, said, “With a much more user-friendly interface, not only are we lowering the entry barrier for new users as well as existing users with blockchain experience into the field of NFTs, but we’re ultimately contributing to the growth potential of NFTs.” 

She continued, saying, “We will spare no resources in our efforts to strengthen and contribute to the growth of this industry so that we can continuously provide access and convenient utilization of this technology to as many global users as possible in the future.”

Furthermore, XREATORS has successfully created and listed its own cryptocurrency, ORT, on the global cryptocurrency exchange,, in May 2022. They’ll be holding several token airdrop events in commemoration of their NFT marketplace launch.

XREATORS plans to introduce its NFT Parking service within its platform using ORT. In the future, XREATORS has plans for additional functions and upgrades to their platform such as gifting NFTs, auction-based transactions, and services to strengthen the bond between creators and their communities. 


XREATORS is an NFT marketplace where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are traded. The name XREATORS comes from replacing the ‘C’ in the word ‘creators’ with an ‘X’ (pronounced like the word ‘creators’), which originates from their vision to ‘X (multiply)’ the value of creators. In addition to simply owning NFTs, XREATORS helps users to easily buy and sell digital content by providing divisional sales of various IPs through NFTs, production of IP merchandise, and services linked to external copyright markets. They have plans to grow as a platform where anyone can create various contents as NFTs and communicate with fans as creators.

For more information about XREATORS, visit: XREATORS Linktree


Global Partnership Manager
Jessica Lee