The Trump Digital Trading Cards, a collection of NFTs featuring illustrations of Donald Trump, have witnessed a notable increase in both price and trading volume.

This surge in trading activity is attributed to a week filled with significant events in the US political landscape.

The catalysts behind this surge are tied to two specific occurrences involving the former United States president.

Firstly, on Thursday, August 24, Donald Trump’s mugshot was captured and circulated after he surrendered himself at the Fulton County Sheriff’s office.

This move was part of his criminal case in Georgia, where he faces allegations of attempting to manipulate the 2020 election’s outcome.

Adding to the buzz, Donald Trump took a surprising step on Friday, August 25. Breaking his more than two-year hiatus from X (formerly Twitter), he shared his own mugshot – a post that caught the attention of many.

The Trump Digital Trading Cards were introduced on the Polygon chain in December 2022, generating excitement within the NFT community.

However, interest in these non-fungible tokens had waned, reflecting the broader decline in the NFT market.

Interestingly, the trading cards have experienced a revival, boasting a remarkable 160% surge in trading volume over the past week, as reported by NFT marketplace OpenSea.

On August 25 alone, a daily trading volume of 24.1 ETH was recorded, marking the collection’s highest figure since May 4.

Simultaneously, sales of the Trump Digital Trading Cards have seen a substantial uptick during the past week.

According to data from OpenSea, the number of sales has surged by 155%, accumulating a total of 237 trades over the course of seven days.

Furthermore, the floor price of these digital trading cards also experienced a notable climb, rising by 52% within the week. Presently, the minimum price for a non-fungible token from this collection stands at 0.1797 ETH.