On Thursday, United States Vice President Kamala Harris met with CEOs from leading companies to reaffirm the country’s commitment to promoting responsible artificial intelligence (AI) development.

The meeting is an attempt to emphasize the importance of ethical innovation, safeguarding against potential harms to society while simultaneously supporting responsible innovation that serves the public good.

The Biden administration’s statement said, “AI is one of the most powerful technologies of our time, but in order to seize the opportunities it presents, we must first mitigate its risks.”

Recent advancements in AI technology have brought the conversation around ethical and responsible AI development into the mainstream, with several tech industry leaders calling for a pause on development in late March.

The announcement includes a $140 million investment by the National Science Foundation to promote ethical AI research and development, workforce diversity, and infrastructure.

The White House also noted that OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic, Hugging Face, and Stability AI have committed to an independent public evaluation of AI systems during annual hacker convention DEFCON’s AI Village in Las Vegas, Nevada in August.