Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) made a significant announcement, revealing details about their latest artificial intelligence (AI) chip, the M1300X.

This powerful GPU is set to rival Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market. With mass production scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023, AMD aims to capture a share of the rapidly growing AI accelerator market, which is projected to reach $150 billion by 2027.

Key Points:

  1. AMD’s M1300X AI chip is designed to cater to the demands of large language and advanced AI models, offering superior performance and memory capacity.
  2. The MI300X chip and CDNA architecture developed by AMD provide powerful computing capabilities specifically optimized for AI applications.
  3. The M1300X boasts a maximum memory capacity of 192 gigabytes, surpassing Nvidia’s H100 chip, which supports up to 120 GB of memory.
  4. AMD’s infinity architecture technology allows for the integration of eight M1300X accelerators into one system, providing parallel processing capabilities for efficient AI computations.
  5. AMD CEO Lisa Su emphasized the long-term growth potential of the AI market and positioned it as a strategic focus for the company’s expansion.
  6. By offering a competitive alternative to Nvidia’s AI chips, AMD aims to tap into a significant untapped market and leverage its expertise in computer processors.


The introduction of AMD’s M1300X AI chip presents a compelling option for developers and server manufacturers in need of high-performance AI computing solutions.

If widely adopted, this could challenge Nvidia’s market dominance and potentially reshape the AI chip landscape. With its innovative technology and a strategic focus on the burgeoning AI market, AMD aims to capture a share of the projected multibillion-dollar industry and establish itself as a key player in AI acceleration.