Snoop Dogg, the renowned American rapper and actor, has ventured further into the world of Web3 with the release of new NFTs.

The latest offering, known as the Snoop Dogg Passport, is an NFT collectible series that will transform in functionality as the rapper embarks on his summer tour.

Developed in collaboration with Web3 platform Transient Labs and talent agency WME, the Passport series aims to provide unique experiences and exclusive access to NFT holders. This article explores the details of Snoop Dogg’s latest NFT release and the exciting possibilities it offers.

The Passport Series The Snoop Dogg Passport is a groundbreaking NFT collectible series that offers NFT holders exclusive VIP perks and behind-the-scenes footage.

As Snoop Dogg goes on tour this summer, the Passport NFTs will evolve, providing holders with access to the rapper’s world and granting them unique experiences.

This innovative series is the first-ever evolving tour collectible, allowing fans to connect with Snoop Dogg’s future drops, events, and experiences. Additionally, the Passport displays limited artwork from Snoop Dogg’s collection and facilitates access to his official merchandise and music.

Minted on Ethereum Scaling Network Arbitrum Snoop Dogg’s newly-released NFTs are minted on the Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum.

Interested individuals can acquire up to 100 Passport NFTs, priced at $42 or 0.0025 ETH each. Payments can be made using a credit card or a crypto wallet.

Alongside the Passport Series, Snoop Dogg also introduces Snoop Selects, an additional collection of curated digital artwork. Snoop Selects features contributions from artists such as Terrel Jones, Alien Queen, and Coldie.

Snoop Dogg’s Vision for NFTs and Digital Merchandise In a press release, Snoop Dogg expressed his ambition to push boundaries and pioneer new initiatives throughout his career.

He believes that the Passport series enables his fans to embark on a virtual world tour alongside him, a feat never accomplished before.

The rapper sees digital merch as an integral part of the future and hopes that other artists will be inspired to innovate in their own unique ways.

Continued Engagement in the NFT Space Snoop Dogg’s foray into the NFT realm began with his initial NFT collection, ‘A Journey with Dogg’, released in March 2021, which notably included a song named “NFT.”

Alongside his son, Snoop Dogg has actively engaged in NFT collections and crypto investments. He has even expressed aspirations of transforming Death Row Records into “the first major label in the metaverse.”