Salesforce, a leading CRM software company, has announced a new partnership with the Polygon blockchain to add NFTs to their suite of tools.

This move is part of Salesforce’s ongoing efforts to standardize customer engagement for large firms. For Polygon, this partnership represents another big-box, enterprise win for the blockchain, which has previously partnered with companies such as Starbucks and Reddit.

The partnership will focus on helping Salesforce clients create token-based loyalty programs. This follows a successful pilot program that involved brands such as Mattel and Crown Royal, resulting in over a quarter-million transactions.

SaaS companies like Salesforce are well-positioned to lead the way in NFT integration, given their digital nature and expertise.

However, there may be more to this trend than meets the eye. SaaS companies can also help onboard broader brands and offer a safety net for companies to potentially uplevel their loyalty programs while remaining hands-off.

Salesforce executives have also hinted that crypto wallets may be the new cookies, signaling the growing importance of web3 technologies.