Nikhil Gopalani, the Chief Operating Officer of the Nike-owned crypto brand RTFKT, experienced a robbery of his NFT collection worth at least $175,000.

According to Gopalani’s tweet to the Clone X community, the thief utilized the same phone number as Gopalani’s Apple ID to take his Clone X and other NFTs.

OpenSea activity indicates that two wallets were used to transfer the NFTs out of Gopalani’s holdings, which included a considerable number of CloneX, RTFKT, Loot Pods, and Crypto Kicks NFTs.

With the withdrawals, Gopalani’s wallet on Etherscan now shows a total asset value of $0.11. Gopalani expressed his distress and pain over the loss, but said he wished that those who bought his NFTs would cherish them.

The CTO of RTFKT specified that they would be unable to present additional details on the matter at the moment due to legal reasons.