London, United Kingdom, 15th March, 2023

LiveArt release is in partnership with iv gallery, whose roster of artist projects includes, Beeple, WhIsBe, BossLogic, PAK, Tom Yoo and many other artists that shaped the Web3 art movement.

LiveArt, a global art platform and community of over 400,000 people backed by Animoca Brands, Binance Labs, and KuCoin Labs, today announced their X Card NFT collection – a new mint pass created exclusively for collectors and creators.

Going live on 5th April, the LiveArt X Card hopes to bring an end to the biggest problem in the NFT market – flipping and speculation. 

“The traditional art world has always understood how to protect value, and we’re bringing LiveArt’s expertise from that world to Web3,” said Boris Pevzner, Co-founder and CEO of LiveArt. “Our platform’s AI-powered art market analytics provide proven accurate pricing models based on decades of fine art pricing data, which removes speculation from the equation. Moreover, the LiveArt X Card will provide users with a powerful ecosystem built around our $ART token. The $ART ecosystem has been constructed around the utilities connected to buying and holding art and interacting with the art world, embracing creators, collectors, art institutions, and other partners.”

The LiveArt X Card will also provide the holders with preferential pricing and exclusive access to historic first NFT mints from world-renowned artists such as Yue Minjun, Chen Man, Mr. StarCity, and new drops from leading digital artists Vhils, Tabitha Swanson, Ivona Tau, and Jason Ebeyer.

The benefits of the X-Card include: 

  1. Rewards: Accelerated $ART token rewards just for holding the NFTs.
  2. Access: Exclusive invitations to physical art world events with award-winning artists and opportunities to purchase artwork before they go public.
  3. Curation: Ability to vote on artists chosen for LiveArt projects and provide input on changes to the LiveArt platform. 
  4. Exhibition: Pass holders can display their collections in the LiveArt metaverse gallery. Exhibitions will be curated by esteemed Web3 and traditional art curators.
  5. Data: Exclusive access to LiveArt’s AI-powered art market insights helping holders make informed decisions about the long-term value of holdings.
  6. Expertise: Exclusive access to expert insights from art specialists, including those with Sotheby’s and Christie’s backgrounds.

In addition, LiveArt will be partnering with iv gallery, whose roster of artist projects includes some of the biggest names in the NFT space, including Beeple, Pak, WhIsBe and BossLogic. 

“Acting as a sales platform for the NFT art space is not enough. Marketplaces can play a huge role in helping the Web3 art market mature, bringing even more collectors into the space and driving mainstream adoption, sustainably, for the long term, by  simply by supporting, growing, and protecting the artists careers. LiveArt understands this completely and has the interests of artists in mind, as well as collectors, which is why we’re so thrilled to partner with them,” said Vincent Harrison, owner of IV Gallery.

Exclusive Drops by World-Leading Artists
With new collections each month, collectors have year-round opportunities to discover and acquire works by major artists, with special first looks and allowlist opportunities. Through curation and partnerships, LiveArt ensures that only quality projects are presented on the platform. Collections are carefully managed by LiveArt to support their value and longevity. The first collections for pass holders feature artworks by:

  • Chen Man, the world-recognized artist and photographer who has shot covers for Vogue and GQ
  • Yue Minjun, the art market star whose work is in the collections of major museums including SFMoMA and the Denver Art Museum
  • Mr. StarCity, whose work has sold in the six figures at Christie’s and Phillips
  • Skygolpe, a major artist in the Web3 space, whose work has been featured by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art and the Museum of Crypto Art
  • Vhils, the renowned street artist whose work has been presented at institutions including Centre Pompidou and the Barbican Centre
  • Jason Ebeyer, the globally recognized 3D artist who has been commissioned by Steve Aoki and Vogue Italia
  • Ephemeral Ethernal, the online gallery and platform co-founded by Vhils, will release its first mint pass through their White Label site, powered by LiveArt
  • Tabitha Swanson, who has collaborated with brands including Vogue Germany, Nike, and Reebok 
  • Ivona Tau, the leading AI artist and photographer 
  • Lindsay Kokoska, who has sold out multiple NFT collections
  • NFN Kalyan, the multidisciplinary conceptual artist whose work explores social justice, politics, religion, and the human condition with references to art history

About LiveArt
Established by a team of art market insiders and tech innovators, LiveArt is a leading global art platform that blends innovative technology with intimate knowledge of the art market to put collectors and artists in control. LiveArt provides collectors unmatched access to proprietary art pricing data and market insights so they can buy and sell artworks with confidence, discretion, and efficiency. The AI-powered data platform is the preeminent destination for art market data and analysis, live auction streaming, real-time and historic pricing information, detailed analysis of artist and market trends, and financial and cultural context. LiveArt Trading Floor is a digital peer-to-peer marketplace that provides for ultimate discretion, allowing users to determine how much information about their identity and works of art is disclosed.  

Powered by the $ART token, LiveArt NFT is LiveArt’s end-to-end Web3 solution for developing, minting and selling digital art collections. Artists can mint their works, and collectors can access a curated selection of only the best artworks on the LiveArt NFT Marketplace, curated by LiveArt’s insider team of art world specialists. LiveArt also collaborates with museums, galleries, and brands to launch and manage their own NFT marketplaces, and connects them with top artists to curate and market drops.

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