OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, is facing a lawsuit from Robert Acres, who alleges that the platform was negligent in protecting him from an NFT phishing attack.

Acres had two NFTs stolen in the attack and claims that instead of trying to help him retrieve his property, OpenSea locked him out of his account for three months, causing him to suffer large losses on the remaining 58 NFTs in his account that he was unable to trade.

Acres is suing OpenSea for an estimated $500,000 in damages. He has hired a trial attorney specializing in blockchain and web3 and claims that OpenSea was informed of the theft before the sale of the stolen NFTs took place, but still allowed the sale to occur.

OpenSea has made a public statement that the theft took place outside of the platform and the items were sold before they were made aware, but Acres claims that his account was locked when he asked for compensation for the loss.