Former US president Donald Trump announced the launch of Series 2 of his NFT collection on April 18th.

The collection consists of 47,000 tokens minted on the Polygon network, 2,000 more than the previous collection, and priced at $99 per token.

Trump chose to maintain the same price despite rising market demand to allow his fans and supporters to “have fun” and profit from the collection.

However, the introduction of new tokens caused a dump in the market, reducing the floor price of the collection. While Trump’s fortune is estimated to be over $2.5 billion, the former president appears to be using the NFT collection to stay relevant on social media while preparing for a potential presidential campaign.

The previous NFT collection earned Trump almost $1 million and offered prizes such as autographs and dinners with the former president.

The success of the NFT collection suggests that Trump’s fans and followers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a piece of his digital life, especially as rumors about Trump and the presidential elections increase.