Kraken, the San Francisco-based centralized exchange, has officially unveiled its highly anticipated NFT marketplace.

With an impressive array of over 250 unique NFT collections, Kraken aims to make a mark in the competitive world of non-fungible tokens.

Notably, the platform offers a gasless experience, eliminating transaction fees for purchases and sales, regardless of market conditions.

Kraken has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace, introducing a diverse selection of more than 250 unique NFT collections to the digital asset ecosystem.

Setting itself apart from other platforms, Kraken offers a gasless experience for users engaging in transactions within the marketplace. This means that users will not be charged any transaction fees when buying or selling digital assets, regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

While gas fees will be applicable for transfers of digital assets on and off the platform, the gasless model provides an appealing advantage for users transacting within the Kraken NFT marketplace.

The development of Kraken’s NFT marketplace has been in progress for over a year, with the platform releasing a public beta version of its testnet in November of the previous year.

During this beta phase, the marketplace supported NFT collections from Ethereum and Solana. However, with its public launch, Kraken has expanded its offerings to include digital collectibles from Polygon as well.

This expansion includes highly sought-after items like the “red-hot Reddit collectible avatars,” enhancing the platform’s diversity and appeal to collectors.

One of the key objectives of the Kraken NFT marketplace is to provide a user-friendly experience for traders who are not necessarily crypto-native.

Unlike most NFT platforms that require users to possess a crypto wallet to participate in transactions, Kraken’s platform accepts both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This means that even users who do not hold any tokens can bid on NFTs directly.

For those who do have a wallet, Kraken currently supports popular options such as MetaMask and Phantom, with plans to integrate WalletConnect in the future.