Kia’s US division used its inaugural NFTs to benefit the Petfinder Foundation, a charity that works to reduce overcrowding in animal shelters.

For the NBA All-Star Game, the company gave away 10,000 “adoption pass” NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, and then sold 10,000 more generative versions for $20.22 each on the Sweet NFT marketplace.

The NFTs, which depicted a robotic puppy named Robo Dog, sold out quickly and generated a total of $600,000, $100,000 of which was paid for with NFTs, and the rest in fiat.

The money was used to cover the adoption fees for over 22,000 animals in shelters. Smart contracts for the NFTs included a clause that 10% of the creator’s royalty would be donated to the Petfinder Foundation if a Robo Dog NFT was ever resold.