Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle designer, and manufacturer, has made an exciting foray into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The company recently announced the launch of its first-ever NFT collection, in collaboration with XRP Ledger, a prominent blockchain platform.

This partnership comes after the initial announcement in July 2022 and is now set to delight motorcycle enthusiasts and crypto aficionados alike. Let’s explore the details of this groundbreaking collaboration and what it means for the NFT space.

After much anticipation, Ducati has finally revealed its NFT collection, which will find its home on the XRP Ledger. The decision to choose the XRP Ledger for hosting the NFTs indicates Ducati’s confidence in the blockchain’s capabilities and robustness.

The partnership between Ducati and Ripple (the company behind XRP Ledger) was first unveiled in July 2022. However, the NFT launch had been awaiting its moment until now.

Though the exact reason for the timing of the launch remains undisclosed, some speculate that it may be linked to Ripple’s recent legal victory.

On July 26, Ducati will release its inaugural NFT collection, featuring the iconic Ducati logos used on motorcycles manufactured since 1946.

What sets this collection apart is that the NFTs will be offered to users for free. To secure these exclusive digital collectibles from the launch, users must register within 7 days of the collection’s release.

Additionally, for users who purchase NFTs from the first collection, there will be a special privilege: access to subsequent projects. This exciting feature enhances the desirability of the NFTs and fosters an engaged community of collectors.

Ducati’s partnership with Web3 Pro, a prominent player in the blockchain space, adds further credibility to the NFT launch.

Interestingly, Web3 Pro also shares connections with another distinguished Italian brand, Lamborghini, which happens to be the parent company of Ducati.

The acquisition of Ducati by German automaker Audi through its Italian subsidiary Lamborghini solidifies the brand’s position within the Volkswagen Group.