Following recent developments surrounding Cardano (ADA), including its delisting from Robinhood and the SEC classification of ADA as a security, the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant crash.

Market Volatility and Regulatory Uncertainty:

The crypto industry faced a turbulent period as regulatory actions, such as those affecting Binance and Coinbase, increased market volatility.

The SEC’s declaration that ADA qualifies as a security left investors questioning the token’s future, although Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, strongly refuted the SEC’s claims on Twitter.

Expert Perspectives on Cardano’s Future:

Sebastian Purcell, CEO of 1.2 Capital Management, believes that the worst is over regarding the SEC issue but highlights the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit as a significant factor that could impact Cardano’s future.

The outcome of the Ripple case may provide insights into regulatory dynamics and influence Cardano’s trajectory.

Frank Corva, Senior Analyst for Digital Assets at Finder, acknowledges the challenge of predicting Cardano’s year-end value due to regulatory uncertainties.

He emphasizes the importance of considering factors such as development progress, technological advancements, market adoption, competition, and potential regulatory changes in understanding Cardano’s price forecast.

Azzam Sheikh, Digital Strategist at Money Advisor, highlights the significance of Cardano’s Hydra update. The Hydra upgrade aims to enhance transaction speed, reduce latency, and minimize transaction costs on the Cardano network.

Sheikh suggests that if the update proceeds as planned, the price of ADA could range from $0.472 to $0.716 by the end of the year, with an average of $0.552.