Recently, the Cardano blockchain found itself entangled in accusations of being a ‘ghost chain,’ sparking turmoil and concern within its ADA-holding community.

However, the spirited and united response from Cardano enthusiasts, under the leadership of founder Charles Hoskinson, effectively put an end to these baseless allegations.

Armed with robust evidence and a strong sense of unity, the Cardano community dispelled the haunting rumors, highlighting the blockchain’s vigor and significant contributions to the crypto landscape.

In response to the mounting allegations, TapTools, a prominent Cardano wallet provider, took the lead in refuting the ‘ghost chain’ claims with compelling facts.

Drawing attention to Cardano’s remarkable Proof-of-Stake network, TapTools showcased its impressive feat of processing over 72 million transactions, each signifying a distinct interaction.

The wallet provider highlighted the ecosystem’s vitality by spotlighting the existence of 8.6 million native assets and an astounding Total Value Locked (TVL) that has surged by over 300% this year, reaching $190 million. These figures underscored the community’s confidence and active involvement in Cardano.

The rebuttal from TapTools resonated across the Cardano ecosystem, with other platforms and influencers joining the chorus. Some emphasized the blockchain’s unmatched six-year uptime record, while others highlighted the rapidly expanding base of active users.

The sheer numbers speak volumes: With a staggering 4.2 million ADA wallets in existence and an impressive 22.6 billion ADA staked, the evidence overwhelmingly contradicts the ‘ghost chain’ speculation.

Charles Hoskinson, in a lighthearted yet poignant remark, quipped, ‘Ghost chain gonna ghost,’ succinctly dismissing the speculations and having the final word in the spirited debate.