Munich, Germany, 9th February, 2023

bitsCrunch is thrilled to announce the launch of its upcoming startup program as part of its commitment to bring more awareness and transparency of data to the NFT ecosystem. The latest initiative by the startup will include a comprehensive agenda to ramp up investment of its resources and innovation in the burgeoning industry.

With this, bitsCrunch seeks to make NFT data more accessible to developers and startups building projects that add value to the market. At the same time, it will allow the community to drive adoption and innovation in the future.

The startup program will allow developers and early-stage startups to utilise bitsCrunch’s analytics and risk-management tools to their advantage for free or for a marginal cost. Upon acceptance to the program, participants can expect helpful feedback and guidance from the firm’s technical team and obtain integration guides that will help them get the most out of this initiative. In addition, the product team will also offer technical assistance and early access to new updates under this program. 

As leaders in data forensics and multi-chain analytics for the global NFT market, any innovations in the space need to be shared for the betterment of the industry. “ – cites  Kevin Conabree, Global Head of Growth. 

The wide breadth of use cases can’t be done by only us, so we are excited to see how deep and wide other projects can go with the platforms and APIs we have created.’’

The minimum eligibility to apply for the program is having a solid use case of NFT data for each project. Having said that, the criteria to apply to differ for startups and developers. However, both are required to have a well-researched or tested idea that keenly focuses on NFT utilisation or protection. Members of the program will have special access to free, and then discounted/tiered pricing, that will be charged only when:

  1. Their project is live and has a certain amount of users/customers.
  2. They hit a certain amount of monthly API calls or active queries.
  3. Their monthly data or speed requirements from bitsCrunch hit a certain level.

Follow this link to learn more about the eligibility criteria for the program:
bitsCrunch Startup Program

bitsCrunch has been taking several initiatives to create awareness of issues affecting the NFT ecosystem. It recently launched a community program that seeks to onboard individuals who can join its initiative as community contributors and follow a series of quests that will help bitsCrunch spread its mission across the wider web3 community. 

For the startup program, applications that meet our eligibility requirements will be reviewed and considered. 

If you or your firm is selected for the program, you will receive an E-mail from bitsCrunch team. To learn more about the program click here.  

To apply for it, fill out this application form.

About bitsCrunch 

bitsCrunch is a leading global data analytics firm specialising in multi-chain insights for NFTs and digital assets. Established in 2020, we are pioneering crypto data forensics to allow retail, institutional, and venture investors to make better financing decisions through risk management tools and an all-encompassing analytics platform.

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Ajay Prashanth