Apple required that gas fees for NFT transfers be paid through in-app purchases, according to Coinbase Wallet, it was necessary to prevent NFT transfers on iOS.

Apple’s demand for fees is once again making negative headlines in the cryptocurrency sector. On December 1, Coinbase tweeted that iOS devices were preventing NFT transfers through Coinbase Wallet.

The stated explanation was that “their In-App Purchase system must be used to pay the gas fees necessary to send NFTs.”

If Coinbase did this, it would be paying the infamous “Apple tax” and giving the tech company 30% of the fees for Ethereum gas.

Coinbase stated that this was not possible because its In-App Purchase system did not support cryptocurrency. Even if it tried, the exchange could not comply.

Apple’s policy is viewed negatively by Coinbase. The discussion compared the policy of attempting to reduce fees for emails sent over open Internet protocols. It stated,

“…if you hold an NFT in a wallet on an iPhone, Apple just made it a lot harder to transfer that NFT to other wallets, or gift it to friends or family. Simply put, Apple has introduced new policies to protect their profits at the expense of consumer investment in NFTs and developer innovation across the crypto ecosystem”