Dubai, UAE, May 2nd, 2023

Zeebu has launched the world’s first loyalty utility token catering to the Telecom Carrier Industry. Telecom Carriers work alongside large telecom operators to provide global connectivity. Zeebu is positioning itself as a leader by bringing a blockchain-based settlement platform to the telecom carrier space and intends to get upwards of 100+ carriers because of its partnerships, access, and network. 

Telecom Carriers work with global partners and settle high transaction volume but struggle with remittance delays, forex crunches in emerging markets, the volatility of local currency against the USD, high costs of cross-border transactions, and low margins. 

The Zeebu loyalty utility tokens provide loyalty rewards to merchants and customers both for successful transactions that reduce the cost of transactions, ensure faster settlements, and improve margins. The Zeebu token went live on the Ethereum mainnet on April 22, 2023, while the complete product will be unveiled on May 14 at ITW, one of the largest Telecom industry conferences held in National Harbor, MD, in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Speaking about the launch, Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder and CEO of Zeebu said “I am excited to work on a project that aims to solve significant inefficiencies in the telecom carrier industry by using the Zeebu token’s loyalty rewards program in order to improve margin retention and operational inefficiencies. This will disrupt the instant settlements by enabling anytime anywhere transactions.” 

“Zeebu’s blockchain-based settlement platform and loyalty utility tokens are designed to bolster the profitability of the legacy telecom carrier industry, which comprises over 6000 players in a $120+ billion market.”, said Keshav Pandya, Co-founder and COO of Zeebu. 

Zeebu is a tailor-made blockchain solution for telecom carriers. We are working to solve real-world problems using Zeebu tokens and blockchain platforms by bringing conventional web 2.0 players to decentralized platforms. The token can be potentially extended to other B2B industries. Zeebu is currently accepting merchant onboarding requests through their waitlist, catering exclusively to players in the telecom carrier industry. Interested parties can submit their information through the contact form on the Zeebu website.

About Zeebu

Zeebu is a pioneering company in blockchain and settlements, providing innovative solutions to the telecom carrier industry. With their first-of-its-kind loyalty and utility token, Zeebu aims to revolutionize the global telecom carrier market, transforming cross-border transactions and improving profitability in the industry. Zeebu’s mission is to extend its groundbreaking solutions to other B2B industries facing similar challenges with international remittance and lean margins.


Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi