As the legal showdown between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues, XRP has emerged as a top choice for investors, experiencing a surge in popularity and attracting significant capital inflows.

In the past week alone, the XRP market has witnessed an influx of $2.6 billion, showcasing strong investor confidence.

This article explores the implications of this capital infusion, the rising market capitalization, and the factors contributing to XRP’s recent price surge.

Key Points:

  1. XRP’s Rise Amidst Ripple-SEC Legal Battle: The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC has fueled investor interest in XRP, leading to a notable increase in capital inflows.
  2. Significant Inflows: Over the past seven days, the XRP market has witnessed a substantial $2.6 billion flow of capital, reflecting investor confidence and support for the digital asset.
  3. Market Capitalization Growth: XRP’s market capitalization has experienced a significant uptick, rising to $27.19 billion, indicating a 10% increase compared to the previous week.
  4. Price Surge and Stability: XRP has maintained its position above the $0.50 mark, with its current trading price at $0.52, marking weekly gains of nearly 11%.
  5. Impact of Ongoing Legal Case: The recent surge in XRP’s price can be attributed to various factors, with the Ripple-SEC legal battle remaining a significant driver of investor sentiment.
  6. Awaited Document Disclosure: The recent ruling by Judge Annalisa Torres ordering the SEC to produce documents related to William Hinman’s speech in 2018 has created anticipation within the crypto community. The release of these documents could potentially impact XRP’s legal classification as a security or non-security.
  7. Predictions and Judgment Date: XRP supporters and lawyer John Deaton anticipate a resolution to the case by September, aligning with the anticipated public release of Hinman speech documents in June.
  8. Increased On-chain Activity: XRP has witnessed a surge in on-chain activity, with the number of addresses interacting with the XRP Ledger reaching an unprecedented level of 490,000. This surge in activity suggests potential significant changes in the network’s market position.
  9. Previous On-chain Activity Impact: Notably, XRP experienced its second and third-largest address activity spikes in history within a short span, hinting at potential price surges similar to the 45% increase observed in March following a similar event