New York, United State, April 11th, 2023

WOW EARN has unveiled its up-and-coming mining platform that offers a new way to earn passive income. This is achieved through a unique mining mechanism.

Conventional mining that supports PoW-based cryptocurrencies is complicated and expensive. Professional hardware can cost up to $8.5k per unit, and amateur miners are unlikely to ever become profitable.

WOW EARN is a DeFi platform that allows anyone to earn and use tokens through a free mining process. The platform has a strong community and a developing ecosystem with transparent tokenomics.

WOW EARN’s mining model enables anyone to participate without the need for expensive hardware, initial funding, and deep expertise. The platform is designed to be extremely user-friendly, secure, and reliable, providing an accessible way to participate in the mining process.

By interacting with the platform’s ecosystem (trading, providing liquidity, and mining), users can be rewarded with WOW tokens. These tokens serve as an incentive mechanism and help govern the platform. 

WOW EARN offers three types of DeFi mining: liquidity mining, lending mining, and token mining.

  • Liquidity mining: By providing liquidity to the platform through the liquidity mining mechanism, users can actively participate in its growth and help stabilize its market. 
  • Lending mining: By conducting lending operations through the lending mining mechanism, users can earn passive income while contributing to the platform’s lending capabilities. 
  • Token mining: By holding and using the platform token through the platform, users can become active members of the WOW EARN community and contribute to its governance. 

The WOW EARN ecosystem is built on community governance, providing decentralized decision-making. WOW holders can propose and vote on how the ecosystem’s funding will be used. A certain percentage of net profits will be invested to repurchase WOW tokens to support community governance and ecosystem development.

Council members will assist in managing the community and initiating proposals for WOW “ecological planning” to ensure fairness and transparency in community governance. 

As a governance token, WOW EARN will play an essential role in the “ecological construction” and transaction execution within the WOW universe, attracting more users to participate in the ecosystem and contributing to its growth and development. 

The ttotal supply of WOW tokens is 1 billion, with the WOW EARN team holding 10% (100 million). Operational development will require another 15% (150 million). The most significant part of the total supply, 50% (500 million), will be dedicated to the mining pool. Another 20% of the total supply will be allocated to a private placement. The community incentive will be 5% (50 million).


WOW EARN connect users to blockchain, providing decentralized mining, earning, and trading mechanisms.