Ethereum is one of the most prominent blockchain networks in the world, and it has gained immense popularity among users and developers.

However, the platform’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, believes that there are still several areas that need improvement to enhance the user experience and facilitate widespread adoption.

Vitalik recently shared his experiences with Ethereum payments, stating that he faced many inconveniences due to high transaction fees, delays, and other issues.

He recalled a time in 2021 when he visited Argentina and attempted to pay for tea, but the transaction was not accepted due to the exchange’s minimum deposit requirement.

Additionally, Vitalik highlighted the long time delay between transactions and the risk of fees spiking, resulting in the rejection of many transactions. These issues have caused many users to choose centralized solutions over decentralized alternatives, especially in Southern countries.

To address these problems, Vitalik emphasized the need for simple-and-robust user interfaces instead of fancy-and-sleek ones. He also suggested that default values for gas limits should be improved to prevent users from making costly mistakes.

Furthermore, he recommended that wallet UIs should provide better information about transaction fees and delays to prevent users from losing money. The Brave wallet team listened to his suggestions and increased the maximum base fee from 12.5% to 33%, improving both the interface and the user experience.

Despite the EIP-1559 update’s improvements, Vitalik believes that there is still a lot of work to do to achieve global adoption.

Therefore, the Ethereum community must continue to work together to enhance the platform’s usability and make it more accessible to the masses.