Uniswap’s mobile wallet has finally been approved by Apple’s iOS App Store, after previous difficulties with the app store’s guidelines.

According to an update on the Uniswap blog, the mobile wallet will now be available in several countries, with the project planning to expand further as Apple permits it. The wallet will allow users of Uniswap’s decentralized finance self-custodied token swap service to access most of the platform’s features on mobile devices.

In March, Uniswap reported that Apple had approved its October build but rejected the final build of the application. This left the project “stuck in limbo” with no clear understanding of Apple’s decision-making process.

Despite the rejection, Uniswap provided early access to the wallet, suggesting thousands of users were able to test the app before its official release.

Uniswap’s previous issues with Apple’s strict app store guidelines raised questions about the technology giant’s approval process.