The development team behind Uniswap (UNI) is introducing a new crypto wallet. However, Uniswap Labs has revealed that Apple has not yet approved the launch of the wallet for iOS devices.

In a thread shared by Uniswap Labs, the team announced that they would be releasing their new Uniswap mobile wallet in a limited capacity due to Apple’s failure to approve its release on iOS.

Although the tech giant has not rejected the wallet, they have yet to respond to the application, leaving the release in “limbo.”

Uniswap’s new mobile wallet allows investors to switch between layer-1 protocols such as Ethereum (ETH) and layer-2 projects like Optimism (OP) and Polygon (MATIC) without needing to configure any networks.

The wallet also supports multiple web apps on different networks simultaneously, enabling users to connect to Lido on Mainnet, Aave on Polygon, and Uniswap on Arbitrum without switching networks.

In the meantime, Uniswap Labs is setting up a preview of the wallet for 10,000 users to allow the community to experience the new project while waiting for Apple’s approval.

The team remains committed to access for everyone, but they note that the launch is currently in a holding pattern until they hear back from Apple.

Uniswap’s new crypto wallet promises to provide a seamless experience for investors managing their portfolios across different protocols. As the team waits for Apple’s approval, users can enjoy a sneak peek of the Uniswap mobile wallet and its capabilities.