The NFT project Azuki was hacked on Friday, resulting in the loss of over $750,000 worth of crypto assets.

The hackers took over the project’s Twitter account and posted a wallet drainer link disguised as an invitation for a virtual land mint in the project’s native metaverse platform, The Garden.

Wallet drainers function as phishing mechanisms that trick victims into approving transactions that transfer crypto assets from their wallet to the hackers.

The attackers made off with $751,321 worth of USDC, 3.9 ETH, 11 NFTs, and $6,742.62 in USDC from other crypto wallets.

Azuki has since reclaimed control of its Twitter account and is investigating the incident. This is not the first time the Azuki NFT project has been involved in a social media crypto scandal, as hackers hijacked several verified Twitter accounts to promote fake Azuki NFTs early last year.