The TrueUSD team is rolling out a new stablecoin called TCNH which is pegged to the Offshore Chinese Yuan at a 1:1 ratio.

This token is available on the TRON blockchain, allowing users to obtain, hold, and trade the token. It’s a safe and transparent stablecoin that complies with all legal and technical requirements, and is audited by leading accounting firms.

This product offers millions of TRON blockchain users a new option and is testament to TrueUSD’s commitment to digitizing traditional fiat currencies and connecting the cryptocurrency world with the real world.

With TCNH, TrueUSD is expanding its stablecoin offerings to global users. Annabel Gan, TUSD Director of Marketing and Business Development, commented on the launch, saying that TCNH will bolster TrueUSD’s role in digital currency infrastructure and help further its goal of building a trustworthy and decentralized global payment network.