Lisbon, Portugal, May 3rd, 2023

Decentralized artist collective The Quest of Evolution, has launched a dynamic NFT collection that’s been dubbed the world’s first “crypto-novel”. Available on OpenSea, The Oracle’s Verse is a series of 6 unique 1/1 multimedia NFTs that allow owners to write their stories on-chain and pass the baton on to the next owner while earning passive income.

The Oracle’s Verse follows the stories of six characters who travel through the minds of their owners, collecting unique memories induced by a multisensory art piece that evolves their stories by adding text. The narrative continues indefinitely, with each new owner entitled to continuing the storyline as pleased. 

Conceived as the first in a series of crypto narratives, The Oracle’s Verse will be followed by a set of scientific essays written by T. Dylan Daniel (aka Epic Dylan), philosopher, scientist and founder of PageDAO, the first essay going on auction on OpenSea May 1st. Thereafter, a crime fiction crypto novel will be released in collaboration with writer Joseph Nassise and musician Zep. The New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer has more than 60 novels to his name, while Zep is also famed for his infectious, heavy hip-hop and video shorts that have garnered millions of views and the support of artists like Limp Bizkit.

Anyone who purchases a dynamic NFT from The Oracle’s Verse on OpenSea inherits the corresponding character and underlying assets (music, image and text). This grants them the right to visit the project’s website and append up to 200 words to its storyline, directly onto its smart contract. Upon reselling the NFT, its next owner will be entitled to repeat this process, creating an indelible and eternal story that is forever written onchain.

The Oracle’s Verse was conceived by The Quest of Evolution, whose multi-chain platform evolving NFT collections to be launched across most EVM networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Its native $QEV token is issued on Moonbeam and serves as an incentive mechanism within The Quest of Evolution ecosystem. Purchasers of The Oracle’s Verse NFTs who contribute to its evolving narrative will be entitled to perpetual royalty payouts in MATIC as the collection was launched on Polygon, and a further 200 $QEV tokens. 

Also, every contributor from one of The Quest of Evolution’s crypto-novel will get a share of the Global Royalty Pool and get rewarded every time one novel IP is licensed or sold to third-party entities in the filming, gaming, video, or merchandising industry.

About The Quest of Evolution

The Quest of Evolution is a decentralized collaborative framework that empowers artists to create value together and reap the benefits while supporting social causes. Their mission is to foster artistic collaborations to create masterpieces that have monetization value to third party licensers in industries like film, merchandise and gaming. The Quest of Evolution aims to become a community-driven platform where holding $QEV tokens equates to owning a portion of the IP rights.

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