Stargate Finance, an open-source protocol for interoperable cross-chain data, is integrating with Metis, a layer-2 scaling solution for cross-layer messaging.

This integration will allow Stargate Finance users to benefit from Metis’s faster and cheaper layer-2 solutions for cross-chain messaging, which is a critical component of the Stargate Finance ecosystem.

The integration aims to address scalability, cost, and interoperability challenges in the blockchain industry.

The goal is to create an Omni-chain ecosystem where crypto users can seamlessly interact with web3 solutions regardless of the native blockchains.

Metis is a layer 2 protocol based on Ethereum’s blockchain network, which improves scalability and enables faster transactions at lower costs without compromising on network security.

The integration is a big step in LayerZero’s expansion into the Layer 2 ecosystem of Ethereum, allowing for a unified flow of messaging across the entire Ethereum ecosystem.