South Korean pop star Seo Chul-goo, also known as Xitsuh, recently opened up about his financial woes, disclosing a loss of up to $77,000 on his crypto investments.

During an appearance on the TV talk show “Love of a Lifetime,” Seo and his fiancee discussed their wedding plans and the challenges they face due to his ill-fated crypto ventures.

Seo’s Financial Seo had hoped to accumulate over $240,000 in two years to purchase a house for his future wife.

However, his crypto investments did not go as planned, resulting in a significant loss ranging from $61,230 to $77,000. The pop star expressed his disappointment and acknowledged the potential impact it could have had on their wedding fund.

“Love of a Lifetime” is a popular talk show hosted by prominent South Korean entertainer Kim Gu-ra and TV presenter Kim Min-jung.

The show delves into the financial situations of celebrity couples, inviting economic experts to offer advice on wealth accumulation and investment protection. Seo’s appearance on the show shed light on his struggles with crypto investments.

Crypto Regrets Among South Korean Celebrities: Seo is not the only South Korean music star to publicly share regrets about crypto investments.

In 2018, Park Kyung of Block B admitted to a “foolish” Bitcoin investment that resulted in losses. Such stories highlight the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments and the importance of financial education.