Rollbit Coin, a small-cap Solana-based casino project, has come under scrutiny due to accusations that several crypto influencers promoted the token without disclosing their affiliations. Grizzly, the “chief rug officer” at Pymons, a P2E platform, accused several influencers of posting undisclosed promotions of Rollbit Coin (RLB).

In a message posted by the owner of Rollbit Coin, “Lucky,” he called on “existing partners” to participate in a “new bonus structure.” Lucky stated that influencers who promote RLB stand to gain $250,000 in the token if its price hits $0.20 and stays above that level for at least a week. A condition of participating was “several organic RLB tweets” each week.

Grizzly posted examples of crypto Twitter accounts mentioning RLB in passing, and specifically highlighted an influencer called “Gainzy.” In a post, Gainzy said he bought $400,000 RLB but, having reviewed his wallet history, questioned why he sold the tokens over two weeks. Grizzly posed two possibilities, that the selling was done innocently to remain sufficiently liquid or as part of Gainzy’s promotion of the RLB token.

As the issue circulated on social media, Gainzy denied promoting “anything token related,” adding that his past RLB calls had lost him tens of millions. However, Gainzy admitted to promoting the Rollbit Coin platform, not the token, saying he cannot comment on the incentive structure of other crypto influencers.

Grizzly requested that Rollbit Coin make an official statement to save the “back-and-forth” between himself and the accused influencers. Rollbit Coin has yet to respond.