Altcoin values and transactions are rising in the wake of Bitcoin’s recent double-digit surge. The popular meme token Shiba Inu‘s layer-2 scaling solution, Shibarium, has experienced significant growth, especially when it comes to daily transaction volume.

A monitoring tool called Shibarium Scan reports that on Tuesday, the protocol handled an extraordinary 7.84 million transactions.

With this record-breaking daily transaction volume, Shibarium has now transacted over 29.6 million times since its official launch in April.

Designed to relieve congestion on the Ethereum network, Shibarium has proven to be stable and useful on a large scale.

Investors recognize and reward real-world usage, which adds to Shiba Inu’s overall value due to its growing adoption and functionality.

The SHIB token saw a 10% one-day price increase and a notable increase in trading volume exceeding $526 million as a result of this surge in utility. In a similar vein, 10% more BONE, Shibarium’s native governance token, was issued.

The fact that Shibarium can now process millions of transactions daily—a four-fold increase over November levels—is directly related to these positive developments.

The natural increase in user adoption points to a bright future for cryptocurrency blockchains.

The daily transaction growth that is constant and exponential, without any hiccups or shutdowns, is indicative of the thorough testing and preparations that lead developer Shytoshi Kusama and the development team have done.

The production-grade infrastructure of Shibarium has proven to be able to manage higher traffic than it did during launch, guaranteeing a seamless experience free from bottlenecks.

This operational accomplishment highlights the platform’s maturation and represents a significant step in Shibarium’s journey beyond speculative hype cycles.

Decentralized applications are being actively promoted by developers, who are also looking into ways that SHIB holders can make good use of their tokens.