Shibarium, the upcoming Layer 2 solution for the popular Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, is making strides towards a full launch.

Recently, Shiba Inu enthusiast LucieSHIB shared information about the partially functional Shibarium bridge, which is expected to provide a significant boost to the platform’s utility.

Shibarium’s documentation provides an overview of its PoS chain and Ethereum + Shibarium bridge. By utilizing side chains, the PoS chain is able to process transactions faster and more cost-effectively.

The bridge will use Plasma Bridge technology and a decentralized network of PoS validators to ensure asset security and enable bi-directional transactional environment between Shibarium and Ethereum. With support for ERC-20 tokens, the bridge is expected to bring increased utility to Shibarium once it is launched.

In addition to this progress, Shiba Inu’s governance token, BONE, has scored another new exchange listing. Hotcoin Global, an Australian-based exchange, announced the listing of BONE ShibaSwap. This listing is part of a series of listings that BONE has secured in the recent weeks.