Shytoshi Kusama, the influential figure behind the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency project, has revealed his plans to step away from his lead role once key milestones are achieved. Kusama’s announcement has sparked curiosity and speculation within the crypto community.

In a recent Telegram update, Kusama expressed his intention to step away from his role once Shibarium and multi-token governance are fully implemented. His decision reflects a belief that the community should take the reins and shape the future of the ecosystem.

Since early 2021, Kusama has played a pivotal role in driving the Shiba Inu project forward. With a substantial online following and active engagement on platforms like Twitter, he has been instrumental in preserving the project’s vision and promoting its growth.

In a blog post reminiscent of a farewell note, Kusama outlined a series of upcoming initiatives. These include finalizing multi-token governance, completing the “Ryoshi checklist items,” launching the Shiba Eternity Game, and introducing Shibarium, a blockchain platform. The project’s collaboration with Champion Apparel hints at its expanding presence beyond the digital realm.

Kusama also introduced the concept of “Shibacals,” which combines physical collectibles with NFC chips for enhanced authentication. This innovative approach adds value to tangible items while leveraging blockchain technology.