Singapore, Singapore, 23rd February, 2023

Digital asset specialist, Serenity Shield Labs, has partnered with educational publisher Contentra Technologies to store archival content using web3. Once Contentra’s hardcopy archives have been scanned and converted, they will be permanently stored using Serenity’s web3 technology.

Contentra offers a wide range of content conversion, digital preservation and digital content development services to national libraries, educational publishers, news media, governments, archives, libraries and corporations. It provides specialized solutions for mass content conversion and transformations from legacy or born-digital formats such as hard copy, images, and PDFs.

Serenity Shield’s web3 data storage solution will allow this content to be uploaded and permanently saved. The partnership will expand the services Contentra can offer its clients and enable Serenity Shield to tap into a new market while showcasing a practical application for web3.

With this partnership, Contentra can offer its customers a broader range of services downstream of the value chain. Until now, the company enabled its customers to digitize and preserve documents in all advanced formats. In the future, using the technical collaboration and integration between Contentra’s digitization services and Serenity Shield’s blockchain storage solution, customers will be able to store their digitized data in blockchain-based archives. The different technological bricks used guarantee more advanced data and content storage than traditional solutions on servers or in the cloud, with unmatched storage volumes and security levels embedded with intelligent data retrieval processes, enabling data monetization.  

This alliance is the first large-scale B2B partnership for Serenity Shield and paves the way for the implementation and realization of its web 2.5 positioning, which was affirmed as early as 2022 when the beta version of its StrongBox product was released. Serenity Shield is a storage solution on the blockchain, for any documents, even and especially for the most sensitive and voluminous ones. While the B2C solution is to be finalized in H1 2023, the B2B solution will follow a few months after and will be commercialized worldwide. 

Contentra Technologies Founding Director, Shiva Kumar Saikia, noted: “This partnership enables us to offer new solutions based on web3 to our global clients. This will also enable us to bring the latest web3 technologies to our clients requiring innovations and security to solve their content lifecycle challenges.” 

Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield, added: “We are delighted with this partnership, which allows us to accelerate our B2B business by reaching out to industry-leading corporations and following our roadmap faster and more efficiently. In our vision, blockchain storage is one of the long-term trends and revolutions enabled by web3, and we are excited to lead the way in this. This step will emphasize Serenity Shield’s stance to act as a bridge between the worlds of web2 and web3, providing data storage in the blockchain space embedded with Artificial intelligence (AI), which will revolutionize the storage industry in the future.”  


About Serenity Shield 

Serenity Shield was established in 2021 as a result of identifying a glaring and, as yet, unaddressed need in the global cryptocurrency market for the provision of secure access to and transfer of ownership of digital wallets. Leveraging advances in cryptography and private blockchain technology, it has designed a secure, noncustodial method to store and retrieve sensitive data for individuals, corporations, and institutions. 

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About Contentra Technologies 

Contentra Technologies is a 15-year-old company offering content transformation services and solutions to Global Internet News publishers, National Libraries, Information services companies and K12 educational publishers. It specializes in providing XML content conversion at scale for electronic news publishing, E-books, Historical Archives and Digital preservation requirements. Contentra also provides editorial development, design and layout services for English language arts, science, and social studies. Based in India, Contentra has a fully-owned subsidiary in the USA. Contentra employs over 300 people worldwide. Its operations and processes are quality certified for meeting ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 20000 and CMMI -Level 5 standards.

Contentra Technologies 

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