Serenity Shield has announced the expansion of its partnership with technology group Archethic.

As part of the collaboration, StrongBox, Serenity Shield’s decentralized application platform, will be integrated into Archethic’s public blockchain, and the company’s Decentralized Identity (DID) management solution will be integrated into the StrongBox.

This move will benefit Serenity Shield’s existing solution due to Archethic’s blockchain’s high speed, scalability, security, environmental sustainability, and decentralization.

Rodolphe Seynat, Co-Founder of Serenity Shield, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that both companies have similar beliefs regarding digital and human rights, and that identity should be about control and freedom as well as ownership.

The collaboration between Archethic and Serenity Shield will also enhance Serenity Shield’s cross-chain and interoperability capabilities, and move the company closer to providing a fully decentralized and self-sovereign solution to its customers.