XRP has been removed from the latest list of SEC securities on Coingecko, a development that has sparked excitement among the cryptocurrency community.

Notably, Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm, stating, “Today: Not on the list: XRP.” This announcement is a significant milestone in Ripple’s journey, reminiscent of the past when the SEC had initially asserted that Ripple had sold a substantial number of digital asset “security” units.

Three years ago, the SEC claimed that Ripple had distributed more than 14.6 billion units of a digital asset deemed a “security.”

This announcement laid the groundwork for a prolonged legal battle that has now culminated in XRP’s removal from the list of SEC securities.

Coingecko recently published a list featuring tokens categorized as securities by the SEC.

The list comprises a total of 48 tokens, including familiar names like BNB, ADA, SOL, TRX, MATIC, and many others. XRP’s absence from this list marks a noteworthy shift in its regulatory classification.

Ripple’s CTO, David “JoelKatz” Schwartz, humorously responded to this development, quipping, “Not on the list: Orange groves Live beavers Warehouse receipts for whisky casks XRP.”

Schwartz’s remark playfully alludes to the SEC’s past attempts to bring a diverse range of items under its regulatory purview.

Earlier this month, John Deaton shared his belief that senior SEC officials were divided on the case’s outcome.

Cryptocurrency lawyers and experts continue to speculate about the SEC’s future actions and the potential for an appeal.

Advocate James Murphy suggested the possibility of an interlocutory appeal, while PolySign CEO Jack McDonald posited that the SEC might attempt to compartmentalize XRP’s ruling and limit its broader implications.