US Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy has advocated for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe haven for the public during times of financial instability.

In a world where the financial landscape is rapidly evolving, Kennedy believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to traditional finance that operates on a decentralized network less susceptible to market volatility and government policies.

This viewpoint has gained traction amidst criticism of the US government’s approach to the crypto industry and its plans to launch FedNow, a real-time payment system supported by a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Kennedy’s argument is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin provide a means for the public to escape from financial bubbles when they inevitably burst.

He highlights concerns about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies and its relationship with big banks, claiming that the Fed’s alleged “collusion” has primarily benefited the so-called “Banksters” at the expense of the public.

While Kennedy sees Bitcoin as a potential hedge against financial instability and a way to protect wealth during economic uncertainty, the US government appears to be taking a different stance with its crackdown on the nascent industry.

Nonetheless, Kennedy’s advocacy for cryptocurrencies and their potential benefits remains a topic of discussion as the world of finance continues to evolve.