Ripple (XRP) has unveiled a new platform that will help central banks issue digital currencies. The platform, called CBDC-as-a-Service, is designed to make it easy for central banks to develop and launch their own digital currencies.

CBDC-as-a-Service includes a suite of tools and services that central banks can use to create their own digital currencies. These tools include a ledger, a digital wallet, and a payment gateway. Ripple will also provide support and training to central banks that use the platform.

Ripple believes that its CBDC-as-a-Service platform will help central banks to issue digital currencies more quickly and efficiently. The company also believes that its platform will help to reduce the cost of issuing digital currencies.

The launch of CBDC-as-a-Service comes at a time when there is growing interest in central bank digital currencies. A number of central banks around the world are exploring the possibility of issuing digital currencies.

The launch of CBDC-as-a-Service could help Ripple to gain a foothold in the growing market for central bank digital currencies. The company could also benefit from the increased demand for XRP, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network.