Israel authorities have reportedly seized around 190 Binance accounts with suspected ties to terrorist groups Hamas and Daesh since 2021.

The National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (NBCTF) division of the Israeli Defense Ministry seized an undisclosed amount of cryptocurrency from two accounts linked to Daesh in January, while records dating back to 2021 suggested that over 100 Binance accounts seized were tied to Hamas.

The NBCTF stated that the funds were seized to thwart Daesh’s activity and impair its ability to further its goals. The move comes after Binance faced criticism over alleged Anti-Money laundering missteps.

Critics claimed that the exchange’s policies had encouraged users to circumvent its money laundering controls. Binance refuted the allegations, stating that it collaborated with law enforcement and leveraged available information to identify individuals operating accounts for illicit organisations.

A 700-member compliance team at Binance processes 1,300 law enforcement requests on a weekly basis. Daesh has seen a resurgence in southern Syria since last year, according to the Middle East Institute.