Push Protocol, a decentralized communication network, has unveiled its wallet-to-wallet video chatting feature on its Web3 messaging platform.

According to CEO and co-founder Harsh Rajat, adding video calling to Web3 products is similar to how groundbreaking video calling was for Web2.

The addition of video and audio calls enhances Web3 communication in a native way, providing a communication rail for anything a Web3 developer wants to do.

The new feature has several benefits, including allowing crypto-inclined individuals to engage in transactions with each other without relying on platforms such as Gmail or Zoom, which aren’t peer-to-peer.

Additionally, celebrities and influencers can now NFT-gate exclusive video calls with their fans, and live streams can also be token-gated, which has implications for gaming.

Wallet-to-wallet messaging also allows DAOs to notify members about new proposals to vote on and their outcomes. The Push Protocol messaging platform launched in October 2022, enabling users to send messages between wallets.