PlanetCats establishes itself as a blockchain and crypto platform. In the latest development, the company introduces sustainable solutions to save rainforests and earn Passive Income while fighting deforestation. The blockchain platform promotes environmental awareness in the rainforests and wants to build solutions that draw attention to the lungs of planet earth and mass adopt blockchain solutions to give its investors a revenue stream.

The platform uses blockchain technology with a community of supporters and investors that want to save Earth while developing solutions so that preserving becomes more valuable than slash and burning. The newly formed crypto features that are designed to combat deforestation are as follows:

  1. Deflationary Token with a burn mechanism based on the latest deforestation numbers
  2. BUSD Rewards and Staking for Passive Income
  3. Charity activities
  4. Education & Awareness
  5. Bridge & DAO
  6. Collectible & Utility NFTs 
  7. Generate Carbon Certificates to Sell on Voluntary Carbon Market.

In addition, PlanetCoins considers trees one of the essential resources, and they are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Therefore, the platform strives to change this by creating a tokenized ecosystem that will save rainforests through blockchain technology.

They realize that trees are crucial to the planet’s survival and need humanity’s help. That’s why PlanetCats are working on tokenizing trees to prevent deforestation and protect animal habitats and Indigenous people. Also, it strives to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases and to avoid erosion of topsoil and nutrients from leaving soil surfaces.

The founders believe that saving these precious resources can reduce global warming and preserve their environment for future generations. PlanetCats also aims to empower local communities by giving them incentives to grow trees in their area while also allowing them to earn money from selling these trees using their tokens.

The PlanetCats platform enables its users to invest in protecting and conserving wildlife while also receiving passive income from their investments. They’re not just trying to save the planet. They’re trying to make it profitable, as this is the only way to scale the business to create real impact.

About the Company – PlanetCats 

PlanetCats is a blockchain initiative dedicated to saving rainforests by creating a business model that allows investors to generate income. They believe trees are the lungs of planet earth, and they aim to protect them by tokenizing them.

PlanetCats aims to create an ecosystem that will allow people to buy and sell carbon credits in an open and transparent marketplace. The project is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, which helps create a trustless system where no one controls another person’s funds or data.

On December 1st, PlanetCats $CATOIN will be available for purchase on GemPad. Users who want to be the first to get in on the action can check out their whitelist competition now. The project is supposed to be listed on the exchange PancakeSwap on December 4th.

Intending users can visit the following links for further information:

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