Japanese automotive brand Nissan is the latest car manufacturer to dive into the Web3 world, filing four new Web3-related trademarks in the United States.

The new filings cover its Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan brands, revealing the company’s plans to create virtual clothes, cars, headgear, trading cards, toys, tickets, and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for trading and minting NFTs.

Nissan has also outlined plans for metaverse advertising services and other “entertainment services” covering online video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sounds, music, and trading cards, along with a website with information about Nissan’s proposed NFTs and how they will work.

The company’s filings to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also show its intention to develop “non-downloadable computer software for use as a digital wallet.”

But Nissan isn’t just filing trademarks; the company is also experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse. Last week, Nissan Japan announced a three-month “demonstration experiment” of its virtual store “Nissan Hype Lab” to “study, consult, test drive and purchase Nissan vehicles” while in the metaverse.

The trial allows customers to visit the virtual storefront “24 hours a day” via a PC or smartphone, and even interact with virtual sales staff during certain hours. According to the announcement, customers can order the car and finalize purchase contracts through this virtual sales office.