The U.K. has taken a significant step forward in the regulation of crypto assets with the passing of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2023.

This reform bill recognizes cryptocurrency trading as a regulated financial activity and aims to support the safe adoption of crypto assets in the country.

The law, which received Royal Assent on Thursday, marks a significant milestone for the crypto industry and positions the U.K. as a potential hub for crypto innovation.

Recognition of Cryptoassets

Under the new law, cryptoassets are defined as “cryptographically secured digital representation of value or contractual rights” and are recognized as regulated financial instruments, products, or investments.

The U.K. Treasury highlights that this recognition enables the regulation of cryptoassets, ensuring their safe integration into the U.K. economy.

Boosting the Economy

The U.K. government refers to the crypto asset regulation bill as a “rocket boost” for the economy. By providing a regulatory framework for crypto assets, the U.K. aims to attract entrepreneurs and foster innovation in the crypto space.

The move signals the country’s ambition to become a leading destination for crypto-related businesses, similar to Singapore’s position in Asia.

Industry Impact and Legitimacy

The formal recognition of cryptocurrencies in the U.K. is seen as a significant advancement for the broader crypto industry. It represents a growing acknowledgment of the legitimacy of digital assets and their increasing importance in the global tech landscape.

Blockchain developers and industry experts believe that this recognition will enhance the U.K.’s competitiveness in the crypto space, as countries around the world vie for leadership in the emerging technology sector.