From November to December 21, 2022, Michael Saylor’s firm MicroStrategy acquired almost 2,395 BTCs at a cost of $42.8 million, averaging out to a price of $17,871 per BTC.

On December 22, the company sold 704 BTCs for a total of $11.8 million, at an average cost of $16,776 per BTC.

This was said to be done to take advantage of the potential tax benefits from carrying back the capital losses from the sale against previous capital gains.

On December 24, the firm purchased an additional 810 BTCs at a price of $13.6 million, with an average cost of $16,845 per BTC.

As of December 27, the company had a total of around 132,500 BTCs, worth a total of $4.03 billion, or an average of $30,397 per BTC.