The partnership between Web3 payment protocol Immersve and payments giant Mastercard is set to revolutionize the way users make crypto payments.

By allowing users to make real-time transactions on digital, physical, and metaverse worlds, this partnership will facilitate direct crypto payments without relying on a third party for collateral.

The partnership uses decentralized protocols to settle transactions on outlets accepting Mastercard payments online, making it easy for users to access the feature through popular Web3 wallets. Immersve will partner with a third-party settlement provider and allow its users to use USDC for all purchases.

This move marks a significant milestone for crypto adoption and mainstream usage. Immersve CEO Jerome Faury is optimistic about the potential of the partnership, stating that “collaborating with a well-known and trusted brand like Mastercard is a big step towards mainstream adoption of Web3 wallets.”

The Mastercard-Immersve partnership will enable users to make direct crypto payments in real-time, without the need for collateral or relying on a third-party intermediary.

This partnership will make it easier for users to access the feature through popular Web3 wallets, making it accessible to everyone.

Mastercard has been fostering numerous partnerships over several years to stay relevant in the crypto ecosystem. One such initiative was Mastercard’s partnership with crypto exchange Binance to launch a prepaid card in Latin America.

By partnering with Immersve, Mastercard is continuing to pave the way for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, making it easy and accessible for everyone to transact in the crypto space.

With the integration of Web3 wallets and decentralized finance protocols into Immersve’s APIs and smart contracts, users can transact anywhere Mastercard is accepted.