Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has expressed his concerns over the recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Coinbase, highlighting what he sees as a fundamental problem with the regulator.

According to Cuban, the SEC should have taken a different approach, offering assistance to Coinbase in becoming compliant with securities laws instead of immediately resorting to litigation.

Cuban’s remarks shed light on his perspective regarding the SEC’s role in supporting companies and protecting investors.

Cuban argues that the SEC’s approach lacks a collaborative and supportive stance toward companies.

Instead of providing guidance and assistance to help businesses achieve compliance, the regulator often resorts to legal battles.

Cuban suggests that a more business-oriented approach, similar to the Small Business Administration, would foster greater compliance, reduce lawsuits, and enhance investor education and protection. However, he points out that such a shift may pose a challenge for the many SEC lawyers whose focus is litigation.

Cuban raises concerns about the SEC’s seemingly limited action against financial scams on platforms like Twitter, which he claims occur at a rapid rate.

He questions the regulator’s efficacy in protecting investors from fraudulent schemes and wonders if the SEC is doing enough to tackle the risks associated with over-the-counter (OTC) pink-sheet stocks.

The SEC’s recent lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase have had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, leading to a crash in crypto prices.

Cuban’s remarks come amidst growing criticism and scrutiny surrounding the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, as these lawsuits highlight the challenges faced by exchanges and their compliance with securities laws.

Cuban suggests that the SEC could better protect investors by establishing stronger connections with companies striving for compliance.

He argues that the current lack of trust in the SEC prevents productive dialogues, leading to an environment where companies fear ending up in legal battles similar to Coinbase. Cuban emphasizes the importance of aligning regulatory practices with desired outcomes and results.