MakerDAO, the decentralized platform responsible for the DAI stablecoin, recently announced the launch of its new roadmap named “Endgame.”

This plan involves a major upgrade that aims to enhance efficiency, resilience, and participation using AI tools applied to open, scalable processes. The project aims to become the most widely-used stablecoin platform within the next three years.

According to Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO, the Endgame upgrade will streamline and parallelize the Maker Ecosystem, with the release of six new SubDAOs that can be farmed by users.

These will spearhead permissionless innovation and collateral allocation. Additionally, the update will lead to the deployment of a new blockchain that is tightly coupled to Ethereum, while increasing the governance security of the ecosystem and implementing the full range of advanced Endgame features and tokenomics.

As a first step, MakerDAO plans to establish a unified brand for the ecosystem through a beta launch set to arrive within several months.

This upgrade will see an overhaul of the ecosystem’s brand identity, while the Dai stablecoin and MKR governance token will remain unchanged. However, an upgrade to new versions of NewStable and NewGovToken will be possible.

The plan aims to remove costs and complexity related to daily operations by delegating away the bulk of complexity and risk to six specialized SubDAOs, each with its own function.

A third phase of the Endgame roadmap will see the introduction of AI tools for governance monitoring and improvement.

A fourth phase will launch a program for governance incentives. In the final stage, a new blockchain, currently being called NewChain, will be deployed.

This chain will have the ability to use hard forks as a governance mechanism and will optimize itself as a backend for AI-assisted DAO governance processes and AI tool users.

Once NewChain is deployed, MakerDAO will permanently enter the Endgame state where further major changes are impossible, and its core processes and balance of power remain decentralized, self-sustainable, and immutable forever.