Dr. Jordan Peterson, the renowned Canadian psychologist and best-selling author with a substantial online following, recently ignited a debate that resonated across the crypto community.

On September 14, in response to Australian news about Macquarie Bank’s decision to phase out cash, cheque, and phone payment services at its branches, Peterson raised the question of whether Bitcoin could be the solution to “scrap banks.”

Australia is not alone in its shift away from physical cash and non-centralized forms of payment. Many European countries have already limited cash usage to smaller transactions, and Nigerian banks have imposed low cash withdrawal limits on their ATMs.

In this evolving financial landscape, Peterson proposed an intriguing idea: the abandonment of traditional banks in favor of Bitcoin.

He wondered if Bitcoin could provide a cash-like experience for individuals seeking an alternative means of managing their finances.

What makes Peterson’s stance even more compelling is his personal engagement with Bitcoin. He has previously expressed his interest in using Bitcoin for international monetary transactions.

Moreover, he was introduced to Lightning Network custodial wallets by Joe Nakamoto (@JoeNakamoto) as a way to receive borderless donations, replacing the need for fiat-based platforms like GoFundMe.

In response to Peterson’s query, several prominent Bitcoin advocates rallied behind the idea. Robert Breedlove, the host of the “What is Money?” podcast, was among those who expressed support for the cause.