Huobi Global, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, is facing potential risks as investments in the staked USDT (stUSDT) project surge to $1.8 billion.

Led by crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun, the stUSDT project promises 5% returns backed by low-risk assets like government bonds.

However, a recent Bloomberg report has raised concerns about Huobi’s deep involvement in this project, particularly regarding its ability to manage sudden fund outflows and the transparency of its reserves.

Huobi’s Close Association with stUSDT Raises Concerns and Triggers Withdrawals

The report highlights how Huobi’s significant association with the stUSDT project has caused a notable transformation in the exchange’s cryptocurrency reserves.

This shift, combined with the limited transparency surrounding stUSDT, has prompted institutional traders to withdraw a substantial portion of their crypto holdings from Huobi.

Transparency Concerns Surrounding stUSDT

Blockchain research firms have expressed concerns about the lack of comprehensive information regarding stUSDT’s investments, casting doubt on the source and sustainability of the promised 4.2% yield.

Huobi’s heavy reliance on the stUSDT project exposes the exchange to potential issues that may arise within stUSDT, amplifying its vulnerabilities.

Tether Reserves Decline as stUSDT Grows

As investments in stUSDT have grown, Huobi’s reserves of Tether (USDT) have dwindled, further raising concerns.

Although Huobi claims that stUSDT is an independent project not under its direct control, the substantial presence of stUSDT in its reserves suggests that Huobi’s fate is closely intertwined with the success or failure of the stUSDT project.

Risk Associated with Justin Sun-Linked Tokens

The prevalence of tokens associated with Justin Sun, such as TRON (TRX) and Huobi Token (HT), in Huobi’s reserves adds an additional layer of risk. Market participants may perceive this concentration as an elevated exchange risk.

Institutional Withdrawals and Impact on Trading Volume

In response to these concerns, institutional clients, including crypto funds and market makers, have withdrawn a significant portion of their digital assets from Huobi. This departure has contributed to a decline in the exchange’s average daily trading volume.

The Need for Transparency and Oversight

The rapid growth and lack of transparency in the stUSDT project have raised questions about its underlying investments and the sustainability of its returns.

Investors and industry experts emphasize the importance of increased transparency and oversight to comprehend the sources of yield and mitigate potential risks.