Hong Kong, China, September 3rd, 2023

Hope.money, a distributed stablecoin project, today announced its latest offering, ‘HopeCard’. As the name suggests, the card is engineered to redefine how digital assets are employed in everyday life, serving as a perfect linchpin between today’s physical and digital economies.

Initially, users will be able to top up USDT and USDC before spending. However, HopeCard is more than just a prepaid card; it is a key component of Hope.money’s broader ecosystem. It offers a seamless Visa Platinum experience and will be accepted by over 80 million online and offline merchants globally following its release. As of the date of the announcement, HopeCard is linked to Google Pay, Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube and more, providing seamless support for everyday purchasing needs. Additionally, it utilizes an incentivized financial structure, one where users can earn the governance token $LT rewards with every purchase, benefit from top-tier security measures, and enjoy exclusive perks for $LT & $veLT token holders.

From August 31 onwards, users will be able to join the waitlist for HopeCard through [link]. The official launch will take place in September, serving as a significant milestone in Hope.money’s ambitious multi-product roadmap. With a vision to evolve into a full-stack decentralized ecosystem, Hope.money is leveraging the power of blockchain technology to offer a suite of products that span domains such as stablecoins, decentralized governance, DeFi, and on-chain lending. 

Speaking on the development, Flex Yang, the founder of Hope.money was quoted as saying: “It’s crucial to establish a connection between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. That’s why we’re launching the Card, making it easier for traditional users to enter the crypto world with a lower threshold. Although we’re currently experiencing a bearish market, we must prepare for the eventual bullish trend. Many traditional users are keen to participate and contribute, but complex procedures have hindered their involvement.”

Hope.money has established long-term strategic collaborations with Coinbase Custody and Cobo, both renowned as tier-1 digital asset custody solution providers. These collaborations aim to enhance capital efficiency and decentralization, and facilitate user involvement. Hope.money also recently launched HopeLend on the Ethereum mainnet, a decentralized lending protocol designed to streamline digital asset interactions and offer real-time on-chain deposit and lending transactions. HopeCard is part of the larger HopeConnect platform, and HopeConnect will serve as the venture’s on-chain custody, clearing, and settlement solution, catering to institutions of various sizes, effectively bridging the traditional and crypto worlds. The strategic collaboration with Coinbase and Cobo, along with the launch of HopeLend and HopeConnect, lays the foundation for the essential infrastructure required for future growth. 

Note: The availability of the products and services offered by HopeCard is subject to jurisdictional limitations.

About Hope.money

Hope.money is not merely a stablecoin provider; it’s an enterprise aimed at redefining the existing financial paradigm by making crypto more accessible to the masses. With a comprehensive roadmap and a mission to bridge the worlds of DeFi, CeFi, and TradFi, Hope.money is steadfast in its commitment to making $HOPE a universally recognized and adopted currency.

For more information about HopeCard and Hope.money’s expansive offerings, please visit: https://hope.money/