The recent SafeMoon exploit that resulted in the loss of $8.9 million has taken an unexpected turn, as the hacker responsible for the attack has agreed to return 80% of the stolen funds to the project’s development team.

The remaining 20% will be kept by the hacker. This development was revealed in an encoded message from the SafeMoon team on April 18, which was part of ongoing communications between the two parties as they attempt to settle the matter.

The decision to return a majority of the stolen funds is a positive development for SafeMoon, which has been working to recover from the attack and maintain the trust of its users.

The return of a significant portion of the stolen funds may also help to deter future attacks on the DeFi project and demonstrate the effectiveness of the team’s security measures.

This news will be of interest to the wider DeFi community as it continues to grapple with the challenge of securing decentralized financial systems from malicious actors.